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  • How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster丨4 Tips and Tricks

    4 tips and tricks to speed up the charging speed of your mobile phone 1. Turn on airplane mode on your phone 2. Turn off the screen while charging 3. Turn off infrequent functions 4. The charging speed of the mobile phone above 80% and 0-80% is different...
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  • How To DIY a Beautiful Clear Phone Case?

    Mobile phones are indispensable to people nowadays. In order to better protect the mobile phone, most people will buy a protective case for the mobile phone to protect the mobile phone and make the mobile phone more beautiful. Although there are many types on the market ...
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  • Is Wireless Charging Bad To The Cell Phone Battery?

    With the application of wireless charging technology in the mobile phone field, many users worry that is wireless charging bad for batteries. Let's introduce whether this is the case. Does wireless charging hurt battery? Th...
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  • Is it safe to leave your phone charging overnight?

    Now, our life has long been inseparable from mobile phones. Many people basically lie in bed before going to bed to brush their mobile phones, and then put them on the socket to charge them overnight, so as to maximize the use of mobile phones. However, after the mobile ...
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  • 5 tips for mobile phone accessories

    5 tips for mobile phone accessories

    Since the birth of smartphones, the majority of mobile phone users like to decorate their mobile phones with some accessories, so the mobile phone accessories industry has sprung up. Many friends began to purchase various accessories to decorate their mobile phones as so...
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