Is Wireless Charging Bad To The Cell Phone Battery?

With the application of wireless charging technology in the mobile phone field, many users worry that is wireless charging bad for batteries. Let's introduce whether this is the case.

Does wireless charging hurt battery?

wireless chagrer bad for Battery

The answer is NO, wireless charging technology is not an emerging technology, just because of the large loss in the charging process, the application field is small, and the popularity is not high, but with the emergence of smartphones, wireless charging technology has been applied to mobile phones The principle is to use electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into special energy, and then transfer it between the magnetic fields.

The method and technology of the transfer are not important, the important thing is that it can charge the mobile phone. Compared with the traditional charging method, in addition to charging Apart from being slightly less efficient, it doesn't require the use of a data cable, other than that it doesn't make much of a difference, and it doesn't damage your phone's battery.

An overview of the principle of wireless charging of mobile phones

Here I will introduce it in the most simple and easy-to-understand words. We will describe its principle in simple and easy-to-understand language. We can regard the wireless charger as an energy conversion device. When the user plugs the wireless charger into the socket, , the other end is plugged into the end of the mobile phone (some mobile phones come with wireless charging devices).

As long as the wireless charger maintains a constant distance from the mobile phone and there is no particularly serious interference around, the current provided by the charger will be converted into energy (electromagnetic waves), which will be converted into energy (electromagnetic waves) by the charging receiver or mobile phone (already connected to the end of the mobile phone). Built-in energy conversion device) receives, and then converts it into current, and then supplies the battery for charging.

Although the charging efficiency is lower than wired charging, in a constant environment, the mobile phone battery can be continuously charged. (About Qi wireless charger – read only this article is enough)

does wireless charging hurt battery

Why is it said that wireless charging will not cause bad to mobile phone batteries?

Most of the batteries of smart phones are lithium batteries, and there are many factors that lead to the decline of battery life, which are affected by battery quality, technology, structure, charging voltage, charging current, use environment, and frequency of use.

However, under normal circumstances, the service life of mobile phone batteries will continue to decrease with the increase of the user's normal use of mobile phones. Taking charging and discharging as an example, the service life of most lithium batteries (the number of times of full charging and discharging) is about 300 to 600 times. , while the wireless charging technology just changes the charging method and will not affect the battery itself.

It just converts wired charging into wireless charging. As long as the wireless charging device can provide stable and matching voltage and current, it will not cause damage to the battery.

At Last

What wireless charging technology changes is the charging method. The center of improvement revolves around "wired".

There are many factors that affect the service life of mobile phone batteries, but the only factors related to charging equipment are charging voltage and charging current. As long as you choose a good wireless charging device, you can Provides stable, matched voltage and current, and will not cause bad effects on mobile phone batteries.

Post time: Jun-17-2022