Is it safe to leave your phone charging overnight?

Now, our life has long been inseparable from mobile phones. Many people basically lie in bed before going to bed to brush their mobile phones, and then put them on the socket to charge them overnight, so as to maximize the use of mobile phones. However, after the mobile phone is used, it is often used normally, but the battery is not durable and needs to be changed many times a day.

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Some people have heard that charging a mobile phone overnight, frequently and for a long time, is very harmful to the battery of the mobile phone, so is it really true?

1. The new battery of the new mobile phone must be fully discharged and then fully charged for 12 hours before it can be used.

2. Overcharging will damage the battery and the phone should not be charged overnight.

3. Charging at any time will reduce the service life of the battery, it is best to recharge the battery after it is used up.

4. Playing while charging will also reduce battery life.

I'm sure you've heard of these viewpoints, and they sound reasonable, but most of this knowledge is from a long time ago.


Years ago, our mobile phones used a rechargeable battery called nickel-cadmium battery, which was not fully activated when leaving the factory, and required users to charge for a long time to achieve maximum activity. Now, all our mobile phones use lithium batteries, which have been activated when they leave the factory, and contrary to traditional nickel-cadmium batteries, the battery charging method that does the most damage to lithium batteries is precisely: after the battery is exhausted Recharging, which greatly reduces the activity of its internal material, accelerates its depletion.

Now the lithium battery of a mobile phones does not have a memory function, so it does not remember the number of charging times, so no matter how much power is, it is no problem to charge it at any time. Moreover, the battery of the smartphone has been designed with the problem of long-term frequent charging, so it basically has a corresponding PMU (battery management solution), which will automatically cut off the charging when it is full, and will not continue to charge even if it is connected to the charging cable. , Only when the standby consumes a certain amount of power, will the mobile phone be trickle-charged and charged with a very low current. Therefore, under normal circumstances, overnight charging will basically have no effect on the battery of the mobile phone.

Why can I still hear news about a lot of cell phones spontaneously igniting and exploding?

In fact, the smartphones and charging heads we use have overcharge protection functions. As long as the protection circuit can work reliably, the mobile phone and battery will not be affected. Most of these explosions and spontaneous combustion incidents are caused by charging with non-original adapters, or the mobile phone has been dismantled privately.

But in fact, in our daily life, the mobile phone is always plugged into the charger to charge, especially when we sleep at night, there are still serious safety hazards. In order to ensure our health and safety, we still recommend that you try not to charge overnight.

So, the final truth is: that charging the phone overnight is not harmful to the use of the battery, but we do not recommend this charging method. We still follow the secret of the lithium battery that the inventor of the lithium battery once said: "charge as soon as you use it, and use it as you charge it", it is best to charge the battery between 20% and 60%, or you can choose to charge the battery It can be charged in the fastest interval to improve the service life of the lithium battery.

Technology is progressing, and we need to progress too.

Post time: Jun-16-2022