How To DIY a Beautiful Clear Phone Case?

Mobile phones are indispensable to people nowadays. In order to better protect the mobile phone, most people will buy a protective case for the mobile phone to protect the mobile phone and make the mobile phone more beautiful. Although there are many types on the market today, it will be more fulfilling if you can make your own. So, what are the ways to make DIY transparent phone cases? How to DIY a dazzling phone case? Let’s have a simple understanding of it with the following.

Pacolipower diy Cream mobile phone case

Phone case making method 1: Super cute realistic cream phone case

The first step is to search for the super cute cream homemade mobile phone case on the frequently used shopping website, and then choose the style you like to buy. Generally, you will get related tools when you buy this kind of set. tool.

The second step is to arrange all the materials neatly, and then proceed to the step of applying the brain oil. There are no rules and regulations in this link, you can play at will, but it is recommended to think about it before starting. The mobile phone case that comes out of this will also look better .

The third step, after applying the cream, you can add your favorite trinkets. It should be noted that when applying the cream, it is recommended to avoid the camera position so as not to affect the camera function of the mobile phone.

The fourth step, after all is completed, you need to put it in a dry and cool place to dry for a day, and wait until the cream is fully dry before you can start using it.

Ice cream phone case design

Phone case making method 2: "BlingBling" phone case

The first step is to prepare all the tools and materials. When buying a mobile phone case, it is recommended to choose a transparent one, which will look better overall.

The second step is to predict the style you want to make in advance, and place the diamonds you need to use separately to avoid the glue drying and you haven't found the diamond you want.

The third step is to mix the AB glue evenly, and then stick the big diamonds first, and then fill the small diamonds at the end, so that the overall layout can be better distributed.

The fourth step, in order to make the drill more firm, after sticking it, it is recommended to press it with your finger, and then put it in a place that is not easy to touch, and it can be used when the glue is completely dry.

 diy bling bling phone case design

Mobile phone case production method 3:quicksand mobile phone case

The first step is to purchase the corresponding materials and tools, including various filling decorations, quicksand oil, UV glue, UV lamps and syringes.

The second step is to put the filling decoration inside the mobile phone case. The specific amount needs to be determined according to the size of the mobile phone case purchased.

The third step is to cover the lid, and then apply UV glue to the edge of the lid to ensure that the quicksand oil will not be exposed during the subsequent use, otherwise there will be a certain danger.

The fourth step, when the glue is dry, use a syringe to inject the quicksand oil into the mobile phone case. The amount depends on the situation. Don’t use too much. After filling, seal it with a plug, a beautiful mobile phone case. It's done.

Diy Quicksand mobile phone case


Mobile phone case is very common in our life. It can not only protect the mobile phone, but also make the mobile phone more beautiful. That's all for the above methods of making mobile phone cases. If you want to wholesale mobile phone cases or label your brand mobile phone cases, you should contact a powerful phone case factory.

Post time: Jun-18-2022