5 tips for mobile phone accessories

Since the birth of smartphones, the majority of mobile phone users like to decorate their mobile phones with some accessories, so the mobile phone accessories industry has sprung up. Many friends began to purchase various accessories to decorate their mobile phones as soon as they replaced them with new ones.

As far as we know, each model of mobile phone has its own accessories. But you must be aware that not all accessories are suitable for your mobile phone. Some of the accessories you are using may be quietly hurting your phone.


5 mobile phone accessories you shouldn't use

1. Dust plug for mobile phone

2. Mobile phone small fan

3. Inferior mobile power bank

4. Inferior charger and data cable

5. Earphone winder

1. Dust plug for mobile phone

Dust plug for mobile phone

In order to prevent dust from entering the mobile phone interface, businesses have launched a wide variety of dust plugs, including plastic, metal and soft rubber. Many of them are made into cartoon shapes, which are very popular with girls.


However, the dust plug will wear the headphone connector and cause indelible marks. If the soft rubber dust plug is not up to specification, it will damage your headphone connector. In fact, the earphone interface of mobile phone is very fragile and can not withstand hard support. It is recommended that you do not need to use dust plugs at ordinary times.


The metal dust plug may also damage the circuit at the headphone interface, resulting in short circuit of the mobile phone and great harm to the motherboard. This is not worth the loss.


If you often use your mobile phone in the sandstorm, this dust plug can really play a role; However, if you only use it in your daily living environment, the dust plug is mostly decorative and does not prevent dust at all. Moreover, the dust plug is easy to fall off, and it is lost accidentally.


In fact, the earphone hole of the mobile phone itself has the function of dust prevention, which is enough to cope with the dust in daily life.

2.Mobile phone small fan

Mobile phone small fan

It's hot in summer, and you are always sweating. So smart people invented the magic accessory of small fan for mobile phones, which allows you to spend the summer while walking. It's quite comfortable.


But have you considered the feeling of mobile phones?

The data interface of the mobile phone can only be used as input but not output. The small fan needs a large amount of current output to work normally, which has seriously affected the operation of the battery and circuit board of the mobile phone.

 What's the use if the phone doesn't charge? It's almost possible to give the little fan the year-end worst mobile phone award.

 There are many small fans with their own power supply on the market. Don't let the small fan destroy your mobile phone.

 There is also a small USB Fan, which can be connected to the mobile power supply, so it won't hurt your mobile phone!

3.Inferior mobile power bank

Inferior power bank

The mobile power bank is almost everyone has it. If you don't consider carefully when purchasing, the mobile power bank you use now may have some potential safety hazards.

Because of the low price of a low-quality mobile power bank, the circuit board is often simple, and the low-quality cells are lack of consistency, which seriously affects the stability of the power bank. Moreover, there is a risk of explosion for low-quality power banks, which can't be empty of money and people!


A good mobile power bank should be comprehensively considered from the aspects of charging performance, safety, durability and conversion efficiency. Face value and price are only some of the reference standards. It's a small thing to destroy a mobile phone, so it's not worth the loss to cause danger.

4.Inferior charger and data cable

Inferior charger

Generally speaking, the service life of a data cable is very short. Basically, it needs to be replaced after half a year.


At ordinary times, people usually have data cables in their bags or in the company, so as to avoid the embarrassment of having to borrow a cable to charge in a strange place. Sometimes people will choose the data line at a low price.


However, if the inferior charger and data cable are used for a long time, the unstable current will affect some electronic components on the mobile phone motherboard. It seems that the poor quality data cable has not been paid attention to by people. Over time, the motherboard or some components will run off by themselves. Moreover, it will cause the battery life of mobile phones to become shorter and false full. You will find that the process of 99% to 100% takes a long time, and it will drop to 99% once the battery is not charged. This phenomenon is a symptom of unhealthy batteries. Long-term use of poor-quality data lines will greatly reduce the life of your mobile phone. We'd better choose the original data cable or a reliable charging cable manufacturer to protect your mobile phone from unnecessary loss.


As for the charger, the original charger should be suitable for your mobile phone, or a guaranteed charger factory.

5.Earphone winder

Earphone winder

The most common type of winder is the plastic sheet with a groove. You can wind the earphone cable on the groove when not in use.


It seems that the earphone cable is much more organized, but another problem also follows. Frequent use of the winder will cause the wire to break due to accelerated aging. Therefore, do not tie the earphone wire into a knot or tie it forcefully. This will only accelerate the aging of the earphone wire. We can find some online tutorials about earphones, which are purely manual, to better protect the service life of earphones.

These useless mobile phone accessories may bring potential harm to your mobile phone. In the future, when we choose mobile phone accessories, we must polish our eyes and weigh the pros and cons.

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