How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster丨4 Tips and Tricks

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1.Turn on airplane mode on your phone

The charging time depends on the difference between the charging speed and the power consumption speed. On the premise of a certain charging speed, turning on the flight mode will reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone, which can indeed improve the charging speed to a certain extent, but it is impossible to "significantly improve".

The experiment is as follows: charge two mobile phones with different modes at the same time.

Mobile phone 1 is in flight mode. The remaining power is 27%. It is charged at 15:03 and 67% at 16:09. It takes 1 hour and 6 minutes to store 40% of the power;

The flight mode of mobile phone 2 is not enabled. The remaining power is 34%, and the power at 16:09 is 64%. It takes the same time, and 30% of the power is stored together.

Through the above experiments, it can be found that the charging speed of the mobile phone in flight mode will be faster than normal.

However, many claims of "doubled" or "substantially improved" have not been proven.

 According to the comparison of the power stored in No. 1 and No. 2 mobile phones, No. 1 has 10% more power than No. 2, and the speed is about 33% faster than No. 2.

 This is just a very preliminary experiment. Different mobile phones will have different differences, but they have not reached 2 times. The charging speed of the mobile phone depends largely on the output power of the charger, as well as the protocol of the power management chip and the characteristics of the battery. From the perspective of electricity consumption, whether it is searching for base station signals or WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth, the power consumption of these wireless modules is very small, and the total may be less than 1 watt. Even if the airplane mode is turned on, and the communication, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth modules of the mobile phone are turned off, the charging time that can be saved will not exceed 15%. Nowadays, many mobile phones already support the fast charging function, and the influence of airplane mode is even less obvious.

 Instead of turning on the airplane mode, it is better to use the mobile phone less or not when charging, because the mobile phone APP and the "long-term screen wake-up state" are high power consumption.

2.Turn off the screen while charging

As mentioned above, turning off the screen will speed up the charging speed. Let's explain how it works.

First of all, have you found that when the brightness of your mobile phone screen is very high, its power consumption will become very fast? (you can try it)

That's right, this is one of the reasons why it will affect the Phone Charge Faster, because not all the power is directly supplied to the battery when charging, and he often divides some of the power to use it to support the power required to light up the screen.

Example: The principle of filling a bucket with a broken hole, your water level keeps rising, but at the same time the broken hole will also consume the water you filled. Compared with a good bucket, the filling time is definitely slower than a full bucket.

3. Turn off infrequent functions

When we use mobile phones, many people will habitually turn on many functions and forget to turn them off, but a large part of them are not commonly used, such as Bluetooth, hotspot, etc. Although we do not use these functions, they are still It drains the battery in our phone and makes our phone charge a little slow. If this is the case, we can choose to turn off some less commonly used functions in the mobile phone, which can also improve the Phone Charge Fast of the mobile phone to a certain extent.

4. The charging speed of the mobile phone above 80% and 0-80% is different.

The charging mechanism of lithium batteries is generally a classic three-stage type, trickle charging, constant current charging, and constant voltage charging. 

With long-term high-current charging, the mobile phone battery is easy to overheat and reduce its lifespan. Apple has developed a battery management system to intelligently adjust the power according to the power of the iPhone, thereby protecting the battery.

0-80% VS above 80%

Using Pacoli Power PD 20W fast charge, the iPhone 12 starts the charging test from 3% of the power. 

The maximum power in the fast charge stage reaches 19W, the power is charged to 64% in 30 minutes, and the battery percentage is basically maintained at about 12W at 60%-80%.

It takes 45 minutes to charge the battery to 80%, and then start trickle charging. 

The power is about 6W. The maximum temperature of the mobile phone is 36.9 ℃, and the maximum temperature of the charger is 39.3 ℃. The temperature control effect is quite good.

Post time: Jul-01-2022