Why does my phone get so hot when charging?

When charging a mobile phone, it is often encountered that the mobile phone becomes hot. In fact, the hot mobile phone is related to the current intensity and environment of the mobile phone charging. In addition to the current, the size of mobile phone chargers is also a problem. Nowadays, everyone likes to use smaller chargers to carry them around for convenience when going out. In fact, the smaller the size of the chargers, the worse the heat dissipation. The following Pacoli I will introduce to you in detail why is my phone hot when charging, and what is the solution to the mobile phone hot?


Under what circumstances does the phone get hot?

1. The processor is a big heat generator

The mobile phone processor is a highly integrated SOC chip. It not only integrates the CPU central processing chip and the GPU graphics processing chip, but also a series of key chip modules such as Bluetooth, GPS, and radio frequency. When these chips and modules operate at high speed will emit a lot of heat.

2. The phone gets hot when charging

During the charging process, the power circuit has a resistance working when it is running, and the resistance and the current compete with each other.

3. The battery becomes hot when charging

Reminder: It is best not to use the mobile phone to make calls, play games, or watch videos when charging. This will cause the voltage to become unstable and generate more heat, which will also consume battery life for a long time. In some states, this behavior will also Increases the chance of battery explosion.

4. So, if the phone does not heat up, it must be in a normal state?

In fact, this is not the case. As long as the mobile phone heats below the normal temperature, usually 60 degrees, it is normal. If it is not hot, you should worry about it. Friends should remember that the lack of heat does not mean that the mobile phone is not hot. It is very likely that there is a lack of heat-dissipating graphite patches or poor thermal conductivity. The heat is accumulated inside and cannot be dissipated. In fact, it will cause certain damage to the mobile phone. .

What should we do if my phone is hot when charging?

1. Avoid using the phone while charging. If the phone is hot, stop calling or gaming as soon as possible to allow the phone to cool down faster.

2. Avoid charging the phone for a long time. Long-term charging will increase the temperature, and overcharging may also cause hazards such as battery swelling, especially for users who have the habit of charging overnight.

3. Avoid charging the phone when it is out of power. In addition to increasing the battery life of the mobile phone, it can also shorten the charging time and avoid overheating of the charger and mobile phone due to high temperature.

4. When charging the mobile phone, the charger should be placed in a place far away from heat sources, such as gas stoves, steamers, etc., so as to prevent the ambient temperature from being too high and causing the mobile phone to overheat.

5. Close unused background programs.

6. Avoid using a Phone case with poor heat dissipation, or remove it when it is hot.(fast cooling phone case)

7. If you hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket, it will transfer heat. Try to put it in a ventilated place for heat dissipation. If there is an air conditioner, let the mobile phone blow cold air.

8. Avoid using APP programs with high energy consumption for a long time.

9. If it doesn't work, turn it off temporarily and let the temperature of the phone return to normal before continuing to use it.

10. The hot mobile phone is also one of the reasons for the slow charging of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone charging is slow(What is the reason for the slow charging of mobile phones? 4 tips to teach you to check quickly

phone charger

If you also use the original charger to charge and heat up or play while charging, it is recommended that you buy Pacoli latest 20W charger. This charger uses the same chip PI as Apple's original charger. While ensuring stable power, AI is added. The intelligent temperature control system can ensure safe charging and reduce the temperature loss to the mobile phone battery.

Post time: Apr-16-2022