What is the reason for the slow charging of mobile phones? 4 tips to teach you to check quickly

With the popularity of smart phones, the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, such as watching TV dramas, watching web pages, playing games, shooting video screens and so on. These are the reasons why the power consumption of mobile phones is getting faster and faster. Many friends will find that after using the mobile phone for a period of time, the mobile phone charging is very slow. What's the matter? Next, I will introduce the reasons for the slow charging of mobile phones and the solutions:

why does my phone charge slow
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Why does my phone charge slow?

Does the mobile phone / charger / charging line support fast charging?

Nowadays, fast charging of mobile phones has become more and more popular, but there are still many mobile phone models that do not support fast charging (Abbreviation: charger supporting PD protocol), so if the charging speed of the mobile phone is slow, you can check the detailed configuration of the mobile phone first. If you confirm that the mobile phone supports this function, check the charger. , Generally, the output current will be marked on the charger. If the power of the charger is not enough, the charging speed will be very slow. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to choose a charger suitable for mobile phones.

Different charging cables support different current sizes. You can try other people's data cables. If the charging speed is normal after changing the cables, it means that it is time to change the data cables. Some low-quality data cables support high current, and some people think they can make do with it, but low-quality products lack control in terms of reliability and electrical performance, and may have unstable charging current, high temperature, etc., which will damage the service life of mobile phone batteries. In addition, in order to prevent misjudgment caused by damage to the socket, you can also try another power socket.

To sum up the first point:the slow charging speed of the mobile phone is related to whether the mobile phone/charger/charging cable supports fast charging.

phone charge slow
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why does my phone charge slower?

Check whether to enter fast charge mode?

If the mobile phone supports the fast charging function, but the charging speed is still slow, you can check whether it is because the mobile phone does not enter the fast charging function. The following is the method to determine whether to enter the fast charge:

Android: You can use the phone charging icon to determine whether the phone has entered the fast charging mode. Single lightning represents normal charging, one large and one small double lightning represents fast charging, and double large lightning/double Dalian lightning represents super fast charging. Phone charging speed: super fast charge > fast charge > normal charge.

Iphone: The phone is inserted into the charger to make a judgment. If only one charging sound is heard within 10 seconds of inserting the charger, it is in the slow charging mode. After entering the fast charging mode normally, the mobile phone will sound 2 charging prompts within 10 seconds. The principle is: when the mobile phone is plugged into the charging for the first time, the mobile phone does not immediately recognize the PD protocol. After a few seconds of recognition, the second sound indicates that it has entered the fast charging state (sometimes it will only sound once when entering the fast charging)

why does my phone charge slow
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Why does my phone charge so slow?

Influence of charging temperature

Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it is more sensitive to temperature. Therefore, when the temperature is too high or too low during charging, it will damage the service life of the battery.

In addition, the current mobile phone will have a temperature protection mechanism when charging. When it detects that the temperature exceeds the normal range of use, the charging current will be reduced, and in severe cases, it will automatically power off and stop charging.

During normal use, you should pay attention to charging at room temperature, and at the same time pay attention to cleaning up high-power-consuming applications running in the background. In addition, it is not recommended to play mobile phones while charging.

Influence of charging temperature
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How to charge phone fast?

Poor contact of the charging interface

Since the interface of the mobile phone or charger is exposed, it is easy to enter some small foreign objects such as dust, or wear and deformation caused by external force, etc., which will cause poor contact during charging and fail to recognize the PD protocol. In severe cases, it may even become hot and cause the mobile phone Unable to charge or charge intermittently, affecting battery life.

If there is such a problem with the mobile phone, you can use a brush and other tools to carefully clean up foreign objects or go to a repair outlet to replace the interface. When using your mobile phone, you should pay attention to keeping the charging interface clean, especially waterproof and dustproof.

Phone clean

Why does my phone slow charge? If the charging speed is still slow after all the above 4 points are checked, it is recommended that the friends restart the mobile phone and try to see if there is a problem with the mobile phone system software. If the problem still exists, it may be a hardware problem of the mobile phone. It is recommended to go to the manufacturer's authorized service center for inspection and maintenance.

Post time: Apr-16-2022