About Qi wireless charger – read only this article is enough

A long time ago, the mobile phone was a Nokia, and two batteries were prepared in the pocket. The mobile phone had a removable battery. The most popular charging method is the universal charger, which can be removed and charged. Then, there is the non-removable battery, which is popularly charged with the Micro USB interface, and then the type-c interface that is used even by the iPhone 13.

In the process of continuous changes in the interface, the charging speed and charging method are also constantly changing, from the previous universal charging, to the current fast charging, super fast charging, and now the relatively hot wireless charger. It really proves a sentence, knowledge changes destiny, and technology changes life.

universal charger and wireless charger

1. What is Qi authentication? What is the standard for Qi wireless charging?

Qi is currently the most mainstream wireless charging standard. On mainstream devices, including Bluetooth headsets, bracelets, mobile phones and other wearable devices, if it is mentioned that the wireless charging function is supported, it is basically equivalent to "supporting the Qi standard".

In other words, Qi certification is the guarantee of the safety and compatibility of Qi fast charging products.

02. How to choose a good wireless charger?

1. Output power: The output power reflects the theoretical charging power of the wireless charger. Now the entry-level wireless charging is 5w, but this kind of wireless charging is slow. At present, the output power is 10w.

Note: Heat will be generated during wireless charging. When choosing, you can choose a wireless charger with a fan for cooling.

3-in-1 wireless charger with desk lamp

10W 3in1 wireless charger

2.Safety: In simple terms, it is whether there will be danger, whether it will short-circuit, and whether it will explode. Safety is one of the criteria to test whether a wireless charger is good or bad (it also has a foreign body detection function, it is easy for some small metals to fall into the charger in life, which is prone to high temperature)

3.Compatibility: At present, as long as they support QI certification, they can basically support wireless charging, but now many brands have launched their own wireless fast charging protocols, so pay attention when choosing, if you are after wireless fast charging To charge, you must know whether it is compatible with the wireless fast charging protocol of your own mobile phone brand.

03. Will wireless chargers affect battery life?

It will not affect the life of the battery. same charging. Compared with wired charging, it reduces the number of times the Type-c interface is used, reduces the wear and tear caused by plugging and unplugging the wire, and reduces the short circuit phenomenon of the product due to the wear and tear of the data cable.

But only if you choose a Qi wireless charger.

04. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging over wired charging?

Compared with wired charging, the biggest advantage of wireless charging is to reduce the wear during plugging. At present, the most supported output power of wireless charging is 5W, but the maximum purpose of wired charging is 120W. At the same time, the recently popular GaN charger can support 65W fast charging. In terms of charging speed, wireless charging is still in its infancy.

65w Gan Charger EU

65w Gan Charger EU plug

05.Where does the emergence of wireless chargers improve our life experience?

The significance of the wireless charger is to say goodbye to the traditional wired mode and liberate the shackles of the mobile phone to the line. However, there are also many complaints about wireless fast charging. The charging speed is slow. For game users, it is even more unbearable that they cannot play games while charging.

In essence, wireless fast charging is a kind of high-quality life and a certain longing for slow life.

No matter which wireless charger you choose, I believe it is a good thing for you, because a wireless charger is not just an object, it also carries your love for your phone. 

Post time: Apr-20-2022