Ac Dc 5V 2.5A Power Adapter With Plug 5.5 x 2.5mm

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Check out Pacolipower’s 5V 2.5A Power Adapter! Offering a regulated 5V output at up to 2.5 amps (2500mA), this switching power supply is ideal for powering a wide variety of devices. It also has a 110 or 220 input, which is suitable for most countries. Also, the plug defaults to “EU”, This 5V 2.5A Power Adapter is the perfect replacement for a lost power adapter that you use to power existing electronic devices.

  • Connection: Plug In
  • Input Voltage: AC 100/240V
  • Output Current: 2.5A
  • DC connector: 5.5*2.5mm / 5.5*2.1mm Optional Or Customed
  • Output Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: DC5V±10%
  • MOQ: 500
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    Best 5V 2.5A Power Adapter For Your Project

    The 5V 2.5apower adapter provided by pacolipower meets the power supply requirements of users for their equipment. The maximum output power of the power supply is 12.5 W, and it can meet the power supply of 0.5A 1A 2A electronic equipment. The input voltage range is 100-240V and the output range is 5Volt. Pacolipower can also customize parameters according to your requirements.

    The Characteristics of 5V 2.5A Power Adapter


    A 5V 2.5 Amp power adapter is perfect for powering your electronic devices that need extra power, like moblie phones, tv boxes, repeaters, computers, game machines or other electronic equipments. With this adapter, you can easily get the power you need to do your work with ease.

    Adapter standard:


    5V 2.5A Power Adapter Specifications

    The 5V 2.5A power adapter is designed to support your device and stay connected when you go out. Easy to use, plug and play. The DC connectors of the AC / DC power adapter charger can be selected from a variety of types, such as 5.5x2.1, 5.5x2.5, 3.5x1.35, MIC USB, type C, DIN (male), mini DIN (male), power Mini DIN (female), interchangeable connectors, etc.

    AC 110~240V Universal Full Range
    5V 2.5A
    Model Type
    Wall type
    4KV Contact / 8KV air discharge
    Safety Regulation
    International Approval
    1 year

    Choosing the Best 5V 2.5A Adapter

    Power adapter prices are based on output voltage and current. The higher the output, the higher the price. We recommend that you send us your enquiry. We can offer you the best price. If you don't know how to choose the right Power Adapter for your project, we can send you the DC Power Adapter catalog. As a Power Adapter manufacturer, we trust all of our power supplies. We will give you the best price and be satisfied with our service.

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