NZ Dc Charger & Adapter 5V

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Use the NZ DC 5v charger to easily charge your devices in New Zealand. This DC charger has a fast DC adapter that can supply up to 5 volts to your device. It is also lightweight and easy to carry, and Pacolipower also offers customization services with different parameters.

  • Connection: Plug In
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Plug type: EU.US.UK.AU etc
  • DC connector: 5.5*2.1 5.5*2.5.etc (optional)
  • Output voltage: 100-240V or as your choice
  • Colors: Black or White or OEM
  • Size: 74*27*42mm
  • Output: Customizable
  • MOQ: 100PCS
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    BEST New Zealand / Australia Dc Charger & Adapter 5V

    A Dc charger and adapter are the perfect way to charge your devices in New Zealand and Australia. These adapters can be used with a variety of devices, including CCTV, routers, medical device, and even Advertising screen. With these adapters

    The Characteristics of Dc Charger & Adapter 5V


    Power adapters are a common convenience in many countries, but it can be difficult to find adapters and chargers for New Zealand and Australia. The reason is that the development cost of the plug specifications used in New Zealand and Australia is much higher than that of the US plug, which leads many power adapter manufacturers to be too sloppy in the production of niche power adapters, which will affect the customer experience.

    Adapter standard:


    NZ Dc Charger & Adapter 5V Specifications

    As we mentioned above, there are few power adapters suitable for Australia and New Zealand. The reason is that because the specifications of adapter plugs are different from those of American and European standards, the suppliers of these adapter plugs do not deliberately design Australia and New Zealand.

    AC 90-240V 50-60hz
    Output Power
    NZ AU 5V
    Environmental protection RoHs PBC+ABS
    Cable length
    1.2M 22AWG or as request
    1 year
    PE or white gift box packing
    Whether to accept customization
    Very welcome, logo or label sticker custom. 

    Sourcing The Right NZ 5V Adapter And Charger

    Looking for high quality New Zealand DC charger? Look at the New Zealand DC charger! With many years of power adapter production experience, pacolipower will provide many small DC power adapters to help you achieve results in the project.

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    • Damage during transportation (free replacement and free transportation).
    • Function damage (free replacement and free transportation).
    • With Pacoli Stamp.
    • Items in 3 year Warranty.
    • Pacoli power is not responsible for any man-made damage.

    After-Sale Service

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