wholesale 24v power supply

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Professional ES60601-1 IEC60601-1 24v power supply adapter manufacturer for electric massage chairs, lift tables, medical beds, electric sofas and other medical equipment.

  • Output Power: 120W
  • Output Type: DC
  • Input Voltage: AC100V~240V
  • Connection: Desktop
  • Efficiency: 85% Min.
  • DC plug: 5.5*2.1*10mm
  • Material: ABS+PC Fireproof Material
  • Accept customization: 24v power supply,24v 3a power adapter,24v 5a power supply,24v ac dc power adapter,24v 8 amp power supply
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    wholesale 24v power supply

    24v power supply is used in the electronics industry, and can be resistant to low temperature, high temperature, corrosion resistance, etc. 24v power supply is the most popular product in the electronics industry.

    Buying Better 24v power supply

    The world is gradually abandoning fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.) and turning to renewable energy. The main renewable energy is electricity, and more and more equipment and commercial users are turning to them. However, a key factor for success is to choose the right 24V power supply.
    In this pacolipower 24V power supply buyer's guide, we will explain all the information you need to know about 24V power supply and emphasize the equipment information you need to know in order to get better value from your 24V power supply purchase decision.

    What is Pacolipower 24v power supply Specifications?

    DC 24V Power Adapter is a power adapter 24W to 500W Power MAX usually, a combination of transformer, diode and transistor is used to get 24V (DC) output from 50V (AC) ~ 240V (AC) input. It is a type of switching regulated voltage AC to DC.

    Input Volt.&Freq. 100~240VAC&50-60Hz Typ.

    90~264VAC&47~63Hz Range

    Energy Level Level VI
    Withstanding Voltage

    (Between Pri. and Sec.)

    3000VAC 1Minute 10mA Max
    Output Voltage 12VDC
    Output Current 5000mA
    Output Power 65W Max.
    Ripple&Noise <120mV
    Load Regulation ±5%    
    Dimension 76*43*35mm
    Burn-in  100%, full-load 4Hours Min.
    Mean Time Between Failures Over 100K Hours

    Full Load@25℃

    Operating Temperature -10~40℃
    Storage Temperature -20~80℃
    Relative Humidity 20%~80%
    Desktop power supplies
    12 24V power supply
    12v power supply
    24V power supply
    12 24V power supply
    12 24V power supply

    Who is Pacoli Power?

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  • Pacoli Power Warranty Scope as Below:

    • Damage during transportation (free replacement and free transportation).
    • Function damage (free replacement and free transportation).
    • With Pacoli Stamp.
    • Items in 3 year Warranty.
    • Pacoli power is not responsible for any man-made damage.

    After-Sale Service

    • Any urgent issue, please contact us at any time: jef@pacolipower.com, whatsapp:+86 13242572959, skype: Pacoli Power Service
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