The Ultimate Guide To Medical Power Supplies

Purchasing medical power adapter, are you concerned about these parameters?

Medical equipment Power supply procurement needs to pay attention to details. Safety, stability, price and other related factors are all issues that need to be paid attention to in the procurement process. If a medical grade power supply is required in large quantities, in addition to understanding its safety and comprehensive quality, it is also necessary to Need to know the detailed parameters:

1.output voltage

The output voltage of a common power adapter is 3.6~73 volts, but there are some differences in the output voltage of different devices. If there are special requirements for its input voltage, it needs to be pointed out in advance.

Medical power supply conforming to en60601 standard

2. Output power

Generally, the output power is between 3W and 220W. In fact, the output power of the medical equipment power supply is not particularly high, so you can rest assured that it is very safe.

3. Relevant material parameters

For example, the shell material and whether the wire material is a material with good insulation are very important. These are the issues we must pay attention to in the process of purchasing medical power supplies.

4. Protection parameters

In the process of purchasing medical device power supply, you need to pay attention to whether there is overvoltage protection, whether there is reverse connection protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and secondary voltage protection, etc., but also to see if the output current and other parts are passed. , Only when the comprehensive quality can meet the requirements, it is recommended to purchase, especially the high-quality products with long life, good characteristics, good temperature resistance, strong light resistance, fast response speed and long life.

Finally, it is necessary to check whether the power medical supplies have passed the relevant certification of medical devices, such as whether they have passed the relevant European standards, the US FCC or the EN60601 certification for medical use. To this question, in addition to this, you also need to pay attention to price, style, etc. If you want to know more, you can contact us!

Post time: Apr-25-2022