Four skills of repair power supply

In our daily life, there is an inseparable relationship between electronic equipment and power adapter. Power adapter is popular because of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has been widely used in power and electronic equipment. So, how to repair the power adapter and make it better serve us?

We know that traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to seeing, smelling and asking. When we repair the power adapter, we can also learn from the method of traditional Chinese medicine to "see, smell, ask and measure." Specifically:

    • 1. Look: first open the shell of the power adapter to see whether the fuse is broken and whether the components on the power board are broken, so as to determine the fault.


    • 2. Smell: smell the power adapter with your nose to see if there is a burnt paste smell, so as to determine whether there are components burnt, so as to find problems in time and repair quickly.


    • 3. Ask: ask the user to see if there are illegal operations and what causes the damage, so as to find out the crux and solutions.


    • 4. measure: measure the power adapter with a multimeter, and pay close attention to the situation during measurement, so as to make correct judgment, so as to help the smooth progress of maintenance.

The power adapter, which is often used in our life, provides us with convenience. It also often has some small problems due to improper operation, resulting in the normal operation of the machine and equipment. If you master the maintenance skills, you can repair it yourself and let the machine return to operation.

Post time: May-21-2022