Can the power adapter be checked in?

For those who do not often choose to use an airplane as a travel tool, there are often questions like this: Can the power adapter be checked in? Can the power adapter be brought on the plane? Can the laptop power adapter be taken on the plane?

desktop power adapter for    computer

The power adapter can be checked because there are no dangerous parts such as batteries in the power adapter; it is a power adapter composed of shells, transformers, inductors, capacitors, resistors, control ICs, PCB boards and other components. As long as it is not connected to AC power, there is no power output. , so there is no risk of burning or fire during check-in, and no safety hazard. A power adapter is not the same as a battery. The inside of the power adapter is only a power circuit, and does not store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy like a battery, so there is no danger of fire during transportation, and it can be checked or carried with you.

Products not recommended for check in

1.Valuable objects

Many people think that it seems safer to put jewelry and some valuables in checked luggage than carry-on luggage, but the question is, if the luggage is lost, isn't it a big loss? And some thieves are specialized in stealing luggage.


2.electronic items

Do not put laptops, MP3s, iPads, cameras, etc. in your checked luggage, as these items are very fragile and are likely to break during the check-in process. And if the battery capacity of these products exceeds the check in regulations, there is a high probability that they cannot be brought on the plane.

Sealed food is ok of course but if you open some soup or water it will seep out and no one wants to get off the plane and open the suitcase with soup and water in their luggage.


4.Flammable items

All flammable items such as matches, lighters or explosive powders and liquids should not be brought on board. At present, the security inspection system is very perfect. If the above products are found, they will be confiscated.


5. Chemicals

Bleach, chlorine, tear gas, etc. These items should not be placed in checked baggage.


Post time: Jun-07-2022