DC 9V 1.5A Power Adapter

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US Wall Switching Ac/Dc 9V 1.5 A 100-240V 50 60 Hz Power Adapter with DC 5521mm for Led Light

  • Connection: Plug In Dc Adapter
  • Input: 110~240V,50~60Hz
  • Outlet connector: dc plug,usb plug
  • Output Type: DC
  • warranty: 12 months
  • Certification: CCC
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
  • voltage: 9V
  • Current: 1.5A
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    9V 1.5 Amp Power Adapter

    We can produce many types of 9V Power adapters like 9V 1A Power adapters, 9V 1.5 A Power adapters, 9V 2 A Power adapters, and 9V 2 A Power adapters etc. Specific OEM Adapter PLUG we can produce US, EU, AU, KR, etc.

    Buying Better 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter And Charger

    9v 1.5 amp power adapter

    Like lots of various other items, 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter has a big range, of producing specs, and a diversity of applications. As a result of the large differences in Adapter high quality and also application, it's wrong to claim that a person specific kind of 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter is much better than an additional; Because different devices have different currents as well as voltages of 9V Power Adapter. Usually your decides which 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter is the far better option the minute it's created.

    In this 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter Buyers Guide, we'll address several of the typical questions that most people have regarding power adapter 9v 1.5 a. We'll additionally talk about the numerous types of 9V adapters readily available, and some of their operating attributes. We'll likewise discuss several of distinctions in 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter manufacture processes, which will certainly help you make more enlightened choices.

    The purpose of this 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter Buyers Guide is to give you sufficient info to make sure that you make the best 9V Power Adapter choice as well as purchase choices.

    What is 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter Specifications?

    DC 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter is a power adapter 13.5W Power MAX usually, a combination of transformer, diode and transistor is used to get 9V (DC) output from 50V (AC) ~ 240V (AC) input. It is a type of switching regulated voltage AC to DC.

    Output power range 9V/0.5A 1A 1.5A 2A 2.5A 3A 
    The adapter weight 150g/pcs
    Input Rated Voltage  100Vac~240Vac
    Input Frequency Range 50Hz~60Hz
    Input Current less than 5A
    Input Inrush Current less than 50A
    Ac cable 2pin or 3pin 1.2m cable for selection (contain European and US,uk AU types )
    DC connector 5.5*2.1*11mm (optional)
    DC cable 1.5m 2464 22AWG cable (optional)
    Ripple and Noise less than 120Mv at full road with 20MHz bandwidth
    Turn On Delay Time  less than 3S  (AC:110V and full load)
    Certificates Yes
    9v 1.5 a power adapter Applicable equipment

    Where To 9V 1.5 A Power Adapter?

    Now that you know all about the 9v 1.5 a power adapter, you can buy the right power adapter 9v 1.5 a for your device with confidence. Remember that your choice of the correct power adapter may affect the quality and performance of your project, so make sure to evaluate the power adapter manufacturer's capabilities and experience before purchasing a power adapter. Here at Pacolipower, we can provide you with a wide range of 9v power adapters, from 9v 1a power adapters to 9v 4a power adapters, and any 9v power adapter in between.

    Our extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of 9v 1.5 a power adapters means you can always get the best quality power adapters in the industry. Our well-respected production processes and extremely diligent quality assurance standards ensure that our products are of the highest quality on the market. Of course, you must also consider price as a deciding factor when purchasing a high quality 9v 1.5 a power adapter for your project. We have good news on this front too!

    Here at Pacolipower, not only do we manufacture 9v 1.5 a power adapters, you will also find our prices are very reasonable – guaranteed!

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