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I have to say that the chargers on the market are really too big. Every time I go out, it takes up a large part of the space, which is really inconvenient to carry. Especially the multi-port chargers, the higher the power, the bigger the volume. Makes people want a multi-port charger that is relatively compact. And now due to the rapid development of technology, gallium nitride chargers have appeared, which helped us solve the problem of excessive size. Of course, I also believe that some people do not know much about GaN charger, so I will explain it to you in detail today. 

Scenario description of 100W gan charger using the device

100W GaN charger

1. What is the difference between GaN chargers and ordinary chargers?

The materials are different: The basic material generally used in ordinary chargers is silicon. Silicon is a very important material in the electronics industry. As people's demand for charging continues to rise, the fast charging power becomes larger and larger, resulting in a larger volume of the fast charging plug. If high-power chargers are charged for a long time, it is easy to cause problems such as heating of the charging head, resulting in unsafe phenomena. Therefore, major manufacturers have found a suitable alternative charger material: gallium nitride.

What is gallium nitride? In simple terms, gallium nitride is a semiconductor material. Also known as the third generation semiconductor material. Compared with silicon, it has better performance and is more suitable for high-power and high-frequency power devices. And the frequency of gallium nitride chips is much higher than that of silicon, which can effectively reduce the volume of components such as internal transformers; the excellent heat dissipation performance also enables more precise layout of internal components. Therefore, GaN chargers have more advantages than traditional chargers in terms of volume, heat generation, and efficiency conversion, and have the most obvious advantages in high power + multiple ports.

2. What are the advantages of GaN chargers?

Small volume. When you have both ordinary charging and gallium nitride chargers, you can directly compare them. You will find that GaN chargers are much smaller than ordinary chargers, and they are more convenient for our daily use.

More power. There are many gallium nitride chargers on the market that provide 65W high power and meet a variety of fast charging protocols so that even a notebook at home can be charged directly with a gallium nitride charger. At present, there are also a variety of multi-port chargers on the market, which can meet the charging needs of multiple devices.

Safer. Combined with the above, gallium nitride has superior thermal conductivity and better heat dissipation, so gallium nitride chargers will be safer in daily use.

GaN Charger Chip

To add a tip, one thing you should pay attention to when choosing a gallium nitride charger is the fast charge protocol. If you have both an Apple system and an Android phone, you need to pay attention to whether the fast charge you buy supports both. The fast charging protocols of different device brands are different. For example, Huawei uses the SCP fast charging protocol, while Samsung uses the AFC fast charging protocol, so the selected GaN charger must support these fast charging protocols. Charge these devices safely and quickly. If the fast charging page does not introduce these fast charging protocols too much at the time of purchase, you can contact the seller privately for communication, and you must clarify this problem, otherwise it will be very troublesome if you can't use it after buying it.

Post time: Apr-22-2022