Dc 15V Charger

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15V DC Charger for electronics devices with Type A US EU AU KR  plug 5.5mm x 2.1mm Jack OR Custom

  • Voltage Tolerance: ±5%
  • Line Regulation: ±1%
  • Load Regulation: ±5%
  • Working Temp.: 0~+40℃
  • Working Humidity: 20~85% RH non-condensing
  • Storange Temp., Humidity: -20~+75℃, 10~90%RH
  • Certificates: UL ETL CE RoHS FCC SAA C-tick CB etc.
  • PACKING: 15V DC Charger White paper box
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    DC 15V Charger For Electronics Devices

    Our DC 15V charger are very durable and reliable even used in the cold winter or hot summer. Because we use ABS+PC fireproof material. So our DC 15V charger has high-temperature resistance and flame retarder, which can move freely. Our 4 protections: short circuit protection; Over Voltage Protection; Over Current Protection;  Over temperature protection.

    Properly Purchase and Pricing Your Right Dc 15V Charger

    When you need a DC 15V charger, it is usually suitable for a voltage range with a lot of flexibility and enough the application of stress resistance of power supplies in closed or hard environments. This is because DC 15V adapter jack is a significantly different project from medical equipment or CCTV interface. When selecting, purchasing and DC 15 volt charger, we need to consider more key factors of adaptation.

    Pacolipower's DC 15V charging buyer's guide will provide you with all the information you need to successfully complete the DC 15V adapter project. Well, let's start!

    What is the specification of DC 15V charger?

    The DC 15V Charger you choose refers to converting the AC input voltage in your home into the DC 15V output voltage required by the device, which means that choosing a suitable DC Charger plays a particularly critical role in whether your device can operate normally. If your current device lacks a DC Charger but you don't know what parameters to choose, experts usually suggest that the first thing you need to determine is the rated voltage and current of the devices that need to be powered (here, the most commonly used 15V is used. LED display screen is an example), we assume that the rated voltage and current of this LED display screen is 15V 3A (the label of general equipment can clearly see this data), then when we choose DC 15V Charger, its current should be 3A, This matches each other.

    However, the input voltage is different according to different countries. The rated input voltage of the United States is 120V. The rated input voltage of China is 220V. When choosing a DC 15V Charger, you should check whether the input voltage range supported by the Charger matches your local rated voltage. Country rated voltage table

    China 220V/50Hz Saudi Arabia 127V/50Hz; 220V/60Hz Malaysia 240V/50Hz
    Papua New Guinea 240V/50Hz Abu Dhabi 240V/50Hz Philippines 110V/60Hz
    Bahrain 100V/60Hz; 230V/50Hz Brunei 240V/50Hz Vietnam 120V/50Hz
    Japan 220V/60Hz Bangladesh 230V/50Hz Ecuador 110-120V/60Hz
    North Korea 220V/60Hz Solomon Islands 240V/50Hz Brazil 110-220V/60Hz
    Qatar 240V/50Hz Oman 240V/50Hz Canada 120V/60Hz
    Taiwan 110V/60Hz Afghanistan 220V/50Hz America 120V/60Hz
    Saba 240V/50Hz South Korea 110V/60Hz Peru 220V/60Hz
    Nicaragua 127V/50Hz; 220V/60Hz Cambodia 120V/50Hz; 208V/50Hz Chile 220V/50Hz
    Guatemala 115V/60Hz Kuwait 240V/50Hz France 220V/50Hz
    Finland 220V/50Hz United Kingdom 240V/50Hz Norway 230V/50Hz
    Czech Republic 220V/50Hz Netherlands 220V/50Hz Italy 220V/50Hz
    Portugal 220V/50Hz Germany 230V/50Hz Australia 240, 250V/50Hz
    Uganda 240V/50Hz Morocco 230V/50Hz Rwanda 220V/50Hz

    What will happen if you use the DC 15 volt charger with the wrong voltage and current?

    Under normal circumstances, using a DC 15V power supply with the same voltage and current for the power supply will not cause any bad situation, but if you accidentally and mistakenly use the equipment parameters that do not match the DC 15V Charger parameters, it may happen:

    The voltage of DC charger is lower than that of the device

    We still use LED display screen 15V 2A as an example If the voltage on the adapter (15V) is lower than the device, but the current (2A) is the same, the device may work normally, but is unstable bursts will occur. For example, the screen display of an LED display screen may be normal, but the brightness will be much lower than normal. More capable devices will shut themselves down when they detect insufficient voltage. In general, insufficient voltage usually does not cause damage to the useful life of the device.

    The voltage of DC charger is Higher than that of the device

    If the voltage of the adapter (15V) is higher than that of the device (12V), but the current (2A) is the same, then the device will automatically stop working when it detects that the voltage is too high. If they don't, the DC Charger and the device will operate more stably than normal, or worse cause direct damage to the device

    The current of DC charger is Lower than that of the device

    Example: The voltage of the DC in 15V 2A Charger is correct, but the rated current (2A) of the DC 15V Charger is lower than the input current (3A) of the LED display screen, then the LED display screen will start the power supply and draw more from the adapter than it is designed for the current. This can cause the DC 15V Charger to overheat or malfunction. Alternatively, the device may power on, but the adapter power supply may not be able to keep up, causing the voltage to drop. Usually you will find that the DC 15V Charger is connected normally, but the device does not work properly(It will also be accompanied by an abnormal rise in the temperature of the DC Charger)

    The current of DC charger is higher than that of the device

    If the voltage of the DC 15V Charger (15V) is correct, but the adapter current (3A) is greater than the current required by the LED Display screen input (2A), you will most likely not find any problems. Because under normal circumstances, the LED Display screen will get a 15V2A power supply. Normally, the device will "tell" the adapter what it needs.

    How To Choose Your DC 15V Charger Supplier?

    Through this pacolipower DC 15V charger buyer's guide, we have explained the application of DC 15V charger and the possible situations under wrong use. You may realize that although it doesn't seem difficult to choose the right DC 15V charger, you can avoid wrong use only after you carefully study the parameters of the device. I hope that after reading our guide, you will also understand the impact of other wrong power use.

    Now is the time to make the most critical decision related to the purchase of DC 15V charger - who to cooperate with to purchase the appropriate Adapter? As you can see from our DC 15V charger guide, the correct adapter supplier you choose has many benefits. Choosing the right 15V DC charger instead of choosing it casually may bring huge security risks to your project. Similarly, choosing a manufacturer who has no experience in manufacturing DC 15V charger but only produces cheaper adapters may jeopardize your Project's success.

    We have rich experience in manufacturing various power adapters. Output power adapter from small to DC charger for high-end devices. Most importantly, our highly competitive price means that your Project is always within the budget - Guaranteed!

    More details on AC DC Adapter guide

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