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First of all, the input needs to be examined the label of the power adapter china, mainly the 100-240v one is utilized extensively. In addition, the kind of input voltage is varied from country to nations various country. For instance, the power adapter china input is 220V, yet America is 110V. The plug-in is likewise various based on the nations. The plug-in of the United Kingdom varies from the plug-in of Australia as well as the United States.

The second element is the result voltage as well as current. Below comes the inquiry that if two led adapters both have the same small voltage and also different output currents, can they be used on the exact same laptop? The basic principle is that a Power supply adapter with a large nominal current can replace a power supply with a small nominal existing. Some might think that a power supply with a large nominal current will certainly shed the notebook since the present is high. Actually, the present depends on the load under the exact same voltage.

At last, an appropriate power adapter producer china should have the items with defense from short circuits, overload over temperature. The products require to have safety accreditation. A power adapter maker can produce a power supply adapter with safety accreditation that can protect the security of the individual in order to stop electric shock, fire, as well as other threats.

Power Adapter & Phone Charger Production Process


Raw Materials




STM Line


Reflow Soldering




DIP Line

Power Adapter Manufacturer

Wave soldering









Vertical Charger & Adapter Industry Chain

The layout of the entire industry chain effectively controls the unit price of the raw materials of the product and the quality of the components of the entire industry chain of the product.

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